CESBC is excited to announce the 2023 annual one-day conference that will continue our mission of bringing inspirational learning and deeper growth to the BC evaluation community through engaging and interactive presentations, workshops, and networking activities.

This year's conference theme ties together who we are, why we do what we do, and how we do it. We invite participants to reflect on our past and history with evaluationbringing forward our learnings into the present day, and continuing a path of co-creating best evaluation practices and a thriving evaluation community. We encourage ambitious thought around innovations and forward-thinking evaluation that can help us advance our practice alongside the next generation of new and emerging evaluators. The following 3 streams help us break down and tackle some of these questions and reflections: 

  1. Evaluation Stories, Learning from our Past

  2. Co-creating Evaluation, Engagement in our Present

  3. Innovative Evaluation, Reimagining our Future

For resources and information on how to be involved in this year's conference, please contact CESBC.Conference@gmail.com

Conference Streams

Stream 1: Evaluation Stories, Learning from our Past

Knowing our history is fundamental to how we develop as individual practitioners and as a professional community in BC. We invite you to share your stories from the field. 

  • What has been a proud accomplishment or important evaluation practice along your journey? What is something from your experience you wish would have been different or you wish to see improve in the world of evaluation?

  • What has been inspiring or important to how you choose to be a professional evaluator today, whether it be philosophies, methodologies, personal heroes, or drawing from other professional  practices and knowledge?

  • What ideas do you have from your professional journey for building evaluation knowledge and skills within communities, specifically supporting diversity, and emerging or career-shifting evaluators? 

Stream 2: Co-creating Evaluation, Engagement in our Present 

Meaningful evaluation practice includes diverse and creative collaborative and participatory approaches with the communities our work serves.

  • Community organizations and participants: What value has evaluation added to your work? What are the impacts from engaging with the evaluation community? 

  • Evaluators: What collaborative innovations have you practised to make your evaluation more impactful and useful for the community, and how has that influenced your practice? What strategies on diversity, equity, decolonization, anti-racism, and inclusivity have you applied? 

  • Equity seeking community members: What is your story on the importance, meaningfulness, and influence of  evaluation? What call to action would you like to deliver to the evaluation community?

Stream 3: Innovative Evaluation, Re-imagining our Future

The way we define and pursue evidence for evaluation questions creates pathways for change in evaluation and its practice. 

  • New & Emerging Evaluators: Based on what led you to the field and your journey so far in evaluation, what insights and helpful evaluation knowledge would you like to share? What challenges do you wish to pose to the evaluation community for better future practice and impact? 

  • Innovators: What ideas would you like to pitch to the evaluation community? What technical practices and emerging trends would you like to discuss? What diverse practices (e.g., methodologies, management, and communication) are emerging or taking place that need further attention in the field?

Stay in touch with us at cesbc.conference@gmail.com or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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