CESBCY Pro Bono Evaluation Initiative

About the Initiative

In an effort to support the development of new and emerging evaluators, the BC/Yukon Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society is offering a pro bono evaluation service.

How it Works

Organizations with evaluation needs will be paired with two to three new or emerging evaluators (evaluators who have completed at least one evaluation course and have one year or less of evaluation experience). The evaluators will be supported by experienced evaluators (evaluators with 5 years of experience or more).

How to Become Involved

In the initial pilot offering of the service in 2017-18, organizations will be identified through the professional networks of members of the pro bono working group. In subsequent years, organizations will be able to register an evaluation need on the CESBCY website.

The initiative will be marketed to new and emerging evaluators through the New and Emerging Evaluator’s Network.  Experienced evaluators will be recruited through the professional networks of the members of the pro bono working group. The initiative will also be advertised on the CESBCY website.

The Matching Process

The matching process will involve experienced, new, and emerging evaluators self-selecting opportunities that best meet their interests and availability. In the event that there is greater demand than opportunities, the pro bono working group will randomly select evaluators indicating an interest in each opportunity. 


A letter of agreement will be signed by all parties outlining the roles and responsivities of each party and indemnifying CESBCY and the experienced evaluator. The organization, the experienced evaluator, and the new or emerging evaluators will then work together to develop a statement of work that outlines the scope of work, tasks for each party, and timelines for completion of the work. The statement of work will be signed by all parties and will serve as the contract/work plan for the work. The experienced, new, and emerging evaluators will be considered volunteers for the organization for all intents and purposes and will be subject to the rights and protections granted to volunteers of the organization.  In the event that any of the parties are not satisfied with the work, the engagement can be terminated. All parties will be asked to complete a short survey on their experience at the end of the engagement.

Contact Information

Elayne Vlahaki, CESBCY Lower Mainland Coordinator cesbcyprobonoeval@gmail.com

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